About Us

Why Choose Us?

We are a family run setup who deal direct with our suppliers and independent farmers in the Middle East and Africa so that we can pass a lot of cost savings onto you.

​There are so many other online shops providing similar products like us but unlike them, we guarantee 100% that our products are genuine, authentic, and sourced directly from the same supplier that we’ve personally been using for over five years.

We provide FREE worldwide shipping as standard on all items (unless otherwise stated). The products are beautifully and safely packaged, and sent direct from our supplier to you using international registered shipping.

ALSO – Did I mention that we accept payment in various cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, and Litecoin as well as traditional forms of payment including PayPal, Credit and Debit cards.


Who We Are

My family and I previously lived in Oman for over 5 years. We loved it and have so many fond memories, and great friends too! We fell in love with many of the things that Oman has to offer, and in particular, Frankincense. Its smell, texture and fantastic uses. I used it mainly for aromatherapy; there are many variants or grades of frankincense available as well as from other countries but in my humble opinion, nothing can beat Green Hojari – my absolute favourite for burning, and my wife’s personal favourite for medicinal purposes i.e. drinking and chewing.

We have now moved on from Oman but still source our Frankincense essential oils and resin direct from our long time supplier and distillery in Oman. We still have so many friends and family that use the same products that we’ve been recommending and using now for over 4 years. As we continue to be inundated with so many new requests, we decided to setup this website and other social media channels to share this product with you, your loved ones, your friends and your community, so that you too can all reap the benefits.​! the benefits.


What Our Customers Say

Thanks so much for a great service. Parcel has arrived already in Kota Kinabalu 👍.
​Have a good afternoon and evening and end to the week. – Matt

Thank you, dear brother. I just tried it out. – Hakim

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